Sunday, December 14, 2008

Silent Sigh-ing

Playing on iTunes: Travis - Turn

Lama tidak menulis euy, cukup sibuk.

Sibuk mengejar tugas yang seharusnya dikumpulkan beberapa minggu yang lalu.
Sibuk memperbaiki keadaan yang saya ciptakan sendiri.
Sibuk berusaha untuk berhenti menjadi labil,
dan sibuk mengulangi kesalahan yang sama.


Sometimes i wish i could turn back to the first second i got into ITB, when there was nothing in my deepest heart but proud. Maybe i want to feel that way again, so i got this motivation to do all my assignments.

But what?

I starting become a whiner. F-whiner. I hate those kinda people and i'm becoming one of them.
Wew, but i'm not the only one. Geddit? You tell me :)
I'd love to do those things, i just wish that i didn't waste my time like i did before. I won't feel this pathetic situation, if i'm wise enough about my time.
Penyesalan selalu datang belakangan, bukan? Untung bukan setelah UAS.
Penyesalan sehari sebelum UAS, hmmm, cukuplah.

By the way, by the way.
Kurang bersyukur apa lagi?

We're all never stop craving.

Craving for more, for anything we can't have.

But now, this second, right here, i'm craving for kriya tekstil.
Besides that, it's all freezing. I want nothing but that.

I got this texture assigment to be finished. I love it. At least i'm trying to love it.
I'm trying to see all of these probs with another point of view.
I know it's all my fault hahahaha.

I want to make all these things done..

I want to see what people saw
I want to feel like I felt before
I want to see the kingdom come
And I believe that it wont be very long
If we turn turn turn turn turn
Then we might learn
Learn to turn

No cheers for today, fellas.

1 comment:

sibudd said...

and you know what|
kau telah menusuk hatiku den!
gw amat menyesal setelah uas!