Friday, January 16, 2009

In Between

Wah, akhirnya saya menulis postingan lagi euy. Asyik. Padahal biasa saja.

I'm in the middle of my holiday, which feels like my regular days. Can't you imagine that? Holiday supposed to be the days that we always waiting for. And now, it's just terrible. You know it? It's dull. If i got this magic wand i'm gonna change this to a better situation, maybe like, umm going somewhere? Place that not really exist. Place that you just can't giving a damn about your assignments.
Or maybe a place that everyone feels the same?
No no no, it's pretty boring then.
Maybe i just watch the tv. When Gaza delivered some Kisses and Hugs. Kisses of death, and hugs of misery. Yeah, let's pray for them.
Sounds sore, isn't it?

Melewati sore bersama teman saya, Sartom namanya. Bukan dengan menggambar atau mencoba resep masakan baru. Tapi dengan suatu hal yang namanya umm we call it sharing.
Sharing. Okay, nice one.
Trying to understand and making conclusion about what's happening rite now.
I just realized that we've grown up, mates. We really did.
At least, i did.
Do you?

Hello old-times.


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