Sunday, March 8, 2009

Catch Up!

Dealing with long weekend, traffic's everywhere. Pretty nice, it's darn hot like the sun burn my head badly. Having a full family, with my brother came from Magelang yesterday and we could be a normal family for these 3 days.
Today i met my college friends at Poke Sushi PIM 2 and we were crazy that i was gonna puke or something. Boy, i just can't eat more sushi now :(
But i love it, yeah, after those foods in Bandung, Poke Sushi tastes like diamonds. Oh yeah.

I went to this Java Jazz Festival and it was full of people!
Great job, i couldn't even move my hand to fix my bangs.


Waktu itu saya dan teman saya, Yogi Biondy, sedang ber chatting-ria di MSN membicarakan teman saya yang lain bernama Kusbandono.
Nah, si Yogi ini bilang si Dono ini suka mengeluarkan kalimat-kalimat ajaib. Saya lupa apa saja, tapi yang paling saya ingat yang ini.

Iya, gue percaya kali sama lo. Sama kayak gue percaya sama Tuhan.



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