Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hari Rabu

Happy morning, warm enough to make some good starts.

18 years old, soon.

I'm in the middle of my cough-visiting and it's pretty darn sore. I need to take this little red pills until i feel much way better. Recently i feel so senseless, trying to be tough and wondering what's happening in the other side of the story. Maybe i will never know, so i want to pulling myself away, then. I know it's gonna hurt but not as hurt as when my grandpa is gone.

Soon or someday i will face the worse situations than this, he said. There will be another guy who's more killing than me, he said. You opened my eyes, though. It feels so warm when i talk to you on the phone and we're giggling even when we both know we're in problems. Maybe i need to be much senseless so i don't need to be envy or somewhat. Maybe i need to be senseless so i will feel nothing even when you're doing fine at me. A lotta word you've said to me that night.

Kamu kurang punya waktu buat diri kamu sendiri.

That's what i remember so fucking clearly.



I watched this movie.

August Rush, 2007

Such kind of inspiring movie at the moment. I always watch this when i need some ideas to make a better situation or trying to see the problem from the other point of view. It's just so touchy that you can hold you tears up. It does relieved my feeling sometimes. It's full of heart.

John Legend's Someday is one of the best track.

You need to check this video too. Maybe it's a lil bit weird at the beginning but I've seen it like a few times and it's still makes me smile. It's just too damn simple that makes it feels heartwarming!


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