Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Paintbrush

Thunder strikes and makes me forget what i should feel
I need my transparent umbrella, but my home is far to kill
I wish i had magic finger to stop the rain,
Or at least makes the sun smile at me everyday.
Stand on fire but i feel cold.

I need another paintbrush
Because my paintbrush is gone too long
I need my paintbrush to fill my paper
Because i feel too senseless.
God, send me Mary Poppins as soon as possible
my mom will be here tomorrow and my room looks like hell
But it looks better than my feeling, though.
My shirt is too darn plain,
i want to splash some colors but..
I forgot where i left my paintbrush.
And i dont beg you God to tell me where i left it.
I can use my finger to paint,
because my finger won't broken in the middle of my work of art.
Like my paintbrush.
My favourite paintbrush.
Which is gone and it cannot find its own way to get back to me
Or it just don't want to?
You're just too fucking hard too hold, paintbrush

Yes you.

I'll starts using pencil, then. I could erase it whenever i want to.


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Ardhn Mohammed said...

Really great literature! love it!